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Bali Camel Safari

Bali Camel Safari
Bali Camel Safari

Bali Safari Camel Tour Package

Bali is truly one of Indonesia’s Islands that has more style compared to other islands of Indonesia. You will find different types of culture, traditions, customs, food and also the beaches having white sands as well as the nature in the weather that usually fresh since the elegance and safety in Bali island. A lot of visitor local and foreigners visit Bali. Nusa Dua is truly one of gorgeous locations that is located in the at the south section of Bali. Nusa Dua is a brand of the location that isn’t peculiar again regarding visitor local or foreigners. On this location a lot of common worldwide hotels and travel services. For example: Marine Sport, Dolphin Tour, Many Others and Turtle Island Tour,

For this causes we come to accomplish Bali tour service. We should introduce Bali camel tour package in Nusa Dua. We take activity on 18th of July 1996 at Tanjung Benoa, since there are several Bali activities at the beach as well as the safety of the visitor. Following three years we turn to the Nusa Dua Beach, definitely at the Nikko Bali Resort and Spa Beach using the camel comfort, you are able to ride a camel at the side area of the beach using its white sands Nusa Dua as well as the nature all around it along with some of Balinese temples here.

Before we do something, we get already educated our own animal to adapt for folks along with the environment. As well as we decide a number of the expert tamers that will help you. All of our animals we use are come to be accustomed to provide the visitor in the various age. Don’t worry since our animals will not disturb you. And keep our high quality, we usually provide the priority for your safety and the enjoyment of the visitor.

With our experience in Bali that actually we carried out, over 7500 folks have already with us each years. Even though we never get an accident in the spot, we constantly provide the insurance for each visitor who would like to take pleasure in our camel Bali tour.



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Safari 1:
1 Hour Camel Safari and Lunch or Dinner (Seafood) at Jimbaran Bay + Banana Boat, Glass Bottom Boat, Parasailing and Turtle Farm.

Adult: Rp 1.470.000
Child: Rp 1.260.000

Minimum booking is for 2 pax adult.
Start Camel Ride on 9.00 and 10.30. Parasailing,

Safari 2:
1 Hour Camel Safari
Adult: Rp 672.000
Child: Rp 386.000

Safari 3:
1 Hour Camel Safari and Lunch or Dinner (Seafood) at Jimbaran Bay

Adult: Rp 1.050.000
Child: Rp 658.000

Safari 4:
30 Minute Camel Safari
Adult: Rp 420.000
Child: Rp 319.000

Safari 5:
1 Hour Camel Safari and Balinese massage.
Adult: Rp 1.008.000
Child: Rp 896.000

1 Hour Photo Wedding:
Use 2 Camel and wedding assistance.
2pax Rp 1.771.000
Aditional charge if more than 2 people
Price Exclude:
Transport, Custom and Camera

30 Minute Photo Wedding:
2pax Rp 1.010.000
Aditional charge if more than 2 people
Price Exclude:
Transport, Custom and Camera

The minimum booking is for 2 people
For the group member please contact us for special price.


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    Bali Tour Package Feel Wonderful Things

    Bali tour package gives you a feel the wonderful thing

    Bali tour package

    Bali tour package

    Bali tour package is the best idea if you are looking for a location which you could obtain a good mixture of modern time amenities and amazing elegance? Then you can definitely have the tour package in Bali with all these types of. The Bali tour package allows you to find out all these facilities with a very reasonable price. Metropolis lifestyle is very busyness, and frequently boring. Folks in the city are usually stressful, and rarely have time to rest with someday on their own. These locations are usually crowded with plenty of activities. If you wish to move away from these routines and take pleasure in the tranquility located in a wonderful tropical isle, have the Bali tour package and you’ll never feel disappointed about your choice. The area can be found in a surrounding area with all the best amazing beaches rice fields and hills as well. This vacation destination is the perfect place to move away from the busy metropolis lifestyle.

    Unique courses Bali tour package

    Bali cruise tour allows you to take a lot of enjoyable as well as have beautiful dinners. Besides these, you should use the Bali tour package to find out some courses. Bali cruise tour package will create you go home from a great deal of enjoyable due to the holiday, and you may also leave with plenty of information, facts and abilities at the end of your day.

    When searching for alternatives on the Bali tour package, you’ll be able to find out lots of accommodations as well as places that provide tourists various programs. Many of these courses contain cooking, wood carving, painting and dancing. These kinds of abilities are important in the daily lives, and then when you decide to do all of them, you’ll be carrying out a lot of justice for yourself. There are also skills on meditation and fitness amongst other essential health concerns and wellness.

    Bali Gorgeous beaches

    Bali is incredibly well-known due to the gorgeous beaches found in much area. When obtaining a Bali tour package, it’s very important for any traveler to ensure that it will present you with a day or a couple of day tour in a location that’s close to the beaches. You will find many routines that a visitor will love on the beaches. You can just rest on the famous beaches on the tropical island for example Kuta, Sanur, Canggu, Seminyak, Kerobokan and Virgin Beach. That wouldn’t wish to go with a great time on the beach? This can be something lots of people can die to get.

    Kintamani Volcano Tour Package

    Kintamani Volcano Bali tour service is generally provided in several of Bali tour package therefore that individuals are able to take pleasure in many of the most well-known and also amazing interesting destination in Bali. The top tourist interest which is loved by a lot of is when that they discover Lake Batur. Tourists going to the tropical island also take pleasure in exploring the wonderful sights through the Crater Lake along with the volcano.

    If you select to go to Bali on your holiday, you won’t have lack in exhilaration and in enjoyment irrespective of your preferences. This tropical isle is very special, and the characteristics you will definitely get can’t be found in other places. For your upcoming holiday break, have yourself and your loved ones a Bali tour package to take pleasure in the numerous characteristics found there. Every family member, no matter age and choices can have some fascinating routines offered for them. Make sure that by the end of the vacation that you can to bring home various important knowledge along with the enjoyable you will definitely get after having Bali tour package.

    Full Day Tour Package

    Please Choose Our Full Day Bali Tour Package
    ( 8 to 10 Hours)

    Cosmo Bali tour service has the best Bali tour package and has been popular destination for the tourist come to Bali. The itinerary will take 8 to 10 hours.


    Ubud Tour Package

    Ubud tour package see the popular Ubud village and some interesting destination. This tour will take about 8 to 10 hours.


    Uluwatu Tour Package

    Uluwatu tour tour package will see the beautiful sunset , Balinese kecak dance and some interesting area. Will take about 8 to 10 hours.


    Kintamani Tour Package

    Kintamani tour package will see the volcano, Batur lake and some interesting destination around the village. Will take 8 to 10 hours.


    Jatiluwih Tour Package

    Jatiluwih tour package will se the rice terrace with the local farmer activities, others destination. Will take about 8 to 10 hours


    East Bali Tour Package

    East Bali tour package will see the traditional Balinese village with activities, others destination. Will take about 8 to 10 hours.


    North Bali Tour Package

    North Bali tour package will see the Ulun Danu Temple, and some others interesting destination. Will take about 8 to 10 hours.


    West Bali Tour Package

    West Bali tour package will enjoy the West Bali National park, Balinese temple and interesting destination. Will take about 8 to 10 hours.


    Tanah Lot Tour Bali

    Tanah Lot tour package will see beautiful Balinese temple with sunset and others destination. Take about 8 to 10 hours Bali full day tour.


    Bali Dolphin Tour Package

    Bali Dolphin tour package will see the Dolphin using the local canoe and some destination. will start at 03.00 o,clock in the morning.

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